Entering in...

Butterfly People is a musical ceremony taking place every time Akos Kouvarakos and Yerasimos Dimovasilis transform into sounds.

The blending of their musical colors started somewhere in 2008, mainly as a live event on the street. Still to this day, travelling and performing music on the way is their most loved experience, though their ceremony has been repeated also in various festivals, bazaars, bars/cafes and forest meetings.

The outcome is an acoustic rainbow of celtic and medieval music, folk, progressive rock and psychedelia, ranging from traditional tunes or covers to self-composed songs and extended trance improvisations. Everything spinning around an aura of love of Mother Nature and  Unity with the  Cosmos.

The instruments used are Human Voice, Classical Guitar, Boehm Flute, Tin Whistles and Recorders, Overtone Flutes, Crumhorn, Theremin etc.

Come join in!